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  • Prenatal support using evidence based information.
  • Continuous labor support.
  • Breastfeeding assistance immediately after birth and followup visit if needed.
  • Birthing classes. 

Who is 3Pipits?

I'm Julie, a certified birth doula with DONA International. When I'm in America I live near Cleveland, Ohio but most of my time is spent in western China. I have three kids, my 3 Pipits. 

I find being a doula incredibly fulfilling. I live in a very diverse area of China and I love being able to assist expat and local moms. Working cross-culturally is a challenge but helping a mom have a positive birthing experience is well worth it. 


Julie Steiner

c: 18209786953

WeChat: Julie3Pipits 



I currently live in Xining, China. 

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I currently live in Xining, China and would love to support you if you're living  in this area. 

3Pipits Doula Service

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